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Of things that are new...

This is what I get for going out more, for being social, for being nice. A girlfriend. All I wanted was some beer.

The last three or four weeks have been hectic, to say the least. I'll have to do a wavey screen of reminiscing to work it all out...

Of my mother...

A couple of weeks ago I got a call during work from mum. She was in pain and needed to get rushed off to the hospital. Mum has always been a tough woman, so if she says she's scared and starts crying on the phone to you, we sit up and take notice. But even though she was in obvious discomfort, it was not her that she was scared about. Who was going to take care of dad? While papa isn't an invalid and can take care of himself mostly, the suddeness of this hospital trip meant there was no time to prepare his needs before going... plus the following Monday he had his own appointment with the optometrists for new glasses, and delaying that would mean he would be without reading glasses until they could schedule a new appointment. These were the things still running through mums mind, despite the pain.

Naturally I left work soon after... didn't rush around with my hands in the air... mum was being taken care of by the ambulance and hospital, and dad didn't need immediate assistance, so it was safe to finish a few things first before heading up to ensure dad was ok. Traffic jams and long delays didn't improve the situation, but I managed to get up there regardless. Got dad sorted out, and after arranging plans with my siblings for the coming week, head back home.

Turns out mum had an infected gallstone, hence the pain. Apparently she had made an appointment with the hospital to have it removed the following Wednesday... it had other plans. So she had to stay in hospital all weekend. Pitty it was also the weekend of Mother's Day. There was a hope that the hospital could remove during her stay, but they couldn't find an opening the surgery schedule for her. Stupid thing is that they said, "If it flares up again, come directly to hospital and we'll remove it right away". So Saturday was spent lounging around listening to my brother cough and groan through a suddenly developed cold/flu/whatever... any plans he had of seeing mum in hospital were destroyed but that unexpected occurance. So it was up to me to take the loooooong and lonely trip to Ballarat to see mama in hospital. Nice day for it... wet, cold. I expect nothing less from Ballarat realy. Stayed for about 3 hours with mum, chatting etc. It was probably 2 hours longer than I had planned, but what can you do? I'm a good son, damnit!

Of a night spent with bananas and chocolate...

I had hoped to leave earlier due to the fact I had promised darviz that I would attend his Sunday get-together, and I wanted time to freshen up before I got there and relaxed. No such luck. Mad rush through wind and rain to get home, 15 mintues home, then back out again.

Nice evening though when I finally got there. An evening spent talking, drinking (though not much due to being on the wagon), and tom foolery. Tom wasn't there, but we were still fooling around. Much fun. Those choc-nanas were a treat.

Of olde gaols...

During the week I found myself at the Old Melbourne Goal for one of their 'night ghost tours'. Fascinating stuff that. It was actually classed as a performance tour, with our guide being dressed up in the old gaol outfits, pretending to be one of the prisoners, describing what it was like living in the conditions of gaol life during the 1800-1900's. Fairly gruesome, but hardly scary. Sure, you spend a lot of the time walking in the dark, following a guy with a candle, with the only other light coming from high up windows. Meant to be most haunted place in Melbourne, and considering the horrors that went on there, I wouldn't be surprised.

If you get a chance to go, I recommend it. It's only 50 minutes of tour, and you're given about half an hour to roam about by yourself (with the lights on) after the tour. Much of the gaol is gone, and the only place still open is the the second cell block where the hangings took place, so there isn't a lot to see, but many of the rooms are filled with historical things that tell you more about the history of the gaol and life in early Melbourne.

It you're afraid of the dark though, don't go.

The night was finished off by having a few drinks at the MGF Mid-week Meetup. Always enjoyable. Another fine crowd of drunken revellers...

Let It Be...

The following Tuesday the girl and I decide to go out for dinner and a bit of culture. Let It Be is a concert, more or less, featuring the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, sung by a few well known singers including Leo Sayer, John Waters, Christine Anu & Rick Price. Held at the Arts Centre here in Mlebourne, it was a great night of entertainment, enjoying the classic songs written by the two. One night only type thing, we were fortunate to get seats, as it was a sell out.

Much mirth was when we noticed a Metal Head teenager (looked like one), doing the deep and moody thing. I don't think we saw him smile once, but I guess being stuck seated between your parents at that age may not have been his cup of tea.

Of football...

The Thursday of the same week saw more heading off to the MCG for the soccer match between Australia and Greece. The seats were booked a while ago, thanks to my sister working at Telstra at the time, so we got them before they came out on sale. Ok, so we were on the top level, and pretty much the last row, but the view was still spectacular, and the game was even better. We were also in the area where the ruckus Australian fans were sitting, so now and again we were a part of getting a Mexian Wave going, plus all the usual screaming and shouting.

Despite the warnings and bag checks, flares also made an appearance near the end of the game, but they were limited to the Greek section of the crowd, and far from us, so it didn't impact on our enjoyment of the game. And to top it off Australia won, so we were all farely happy with ourselves by the end of the night. Twas highly amusing after the match when two guys decided to invade the pitch. Seeing them running around being chased by a squad of over weight police was chuckle worthy. Bit rough on the guys when they finally caught them, but nothing too serious. Just the typical arm locks, head locks, and hand cuffing. Took a while to get out of the stadium and get home, but that was mainly due to waiting for trams.

Of calendars...

Friday night we headed out to Cab Noc for the official launch of the MGF Calendar. For those on flist that don't know what I'm talking about, head over to ebay (Calendar on ebay link). Another very enjoyable night, catching up with familiar faces, meeting those faces unfamiliar to me. With the long week I had, I ended up leaving fairly early. tiredness got the better of me, and with lunch planned the following day at 11, I know I needed to get some rest before it.

So that's about it. There's been more, but not as 'big event' like as the above... lunches (managed to catch up with House Reno girl a week or so ago... havn't seen her in ages), dinners, fridge hunting (or at least being the taxi), clothes outfitting (I <3 Anton's. Le sigh), dvd watching/buying... my life is not what it once was, that's for sure.

The following weeks don't look like easing up either.
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