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Hi, remember me?

So I havn't exactly been keeping this thing up to date like I should. Havn't had the time realy. I'll do better, I promise. I have this plan to warp time/space so we get an extra hour in the day. If everyone wants to help, all they need to do is jump at a given time.

So last weekend was great. The grrl and I decided to take a break from everything and head out of the city for the long weekend. Didn't want to go too far since it wasn't realy a holiday as such, so long distances would have chewed up time that could otherwise be spent relaxing. An hour from Melbourne there's this cute little tourist town called Olinda. Up Mt Dandenong, it's far enough away, pretty enough, and had enough things close by to keep us occupied for the two days we'ld be staying there. Booked into a gorgeous, self contained cottage that had all the pre-requisits... privacy, a kitchen, a fireplace, a couch, and a spa. Very nice, very perfect.

With our base of opperations set, we had the freedom to go explore. Saturday was spent getting up there, getting settled, getting supplies, and exploring Olinda itself. Many cute arts and crafts stores, antiques, and restaurants. For anything more exciting you'll need to go further out. The night was a relatively short one, with me being able to show off my cave man abilities by getting the fire started, having dinner, and watching a part of a video.

Sunday we decided to check out one or two of the wineries in the nearby Yarra Valley. While not that far out, it's still a good half hour drive down the mountain and with it being rainy and foggy, it certainly makes for cautious driving. The first stop was the Lillydale Estate... a well known drop, but with neither of us being avid white wine drinkers, only half of what was on offer was sampled. A breif walk around the wine yard, we headed back to make some purchases. The option was to also have lunch there, with the estate providing a smorgasboard lunch (for a price, naturally), but with breakfast still settling, and the wine mixing in with that, we decided to go check out the next estate.

Five Oaks isn't as well known, at least for me it wasn't, as Lillydale, but again the reds on offer were just as good. We didn't stay long, but again picked up a couple of bottles to take back with us, and by that time we were getting hungry. Unfortunately Five Oaks didn't have meals on offer... or at least, not that I could see, so heading back up the mountain, we stopped off at a little town called Kallista to find food. The Kallista Tea Rooms provided such a place, and very tasty food it was too... some of the best scones I've had in a while. If you get a window seat, you also get a great view of some native birds, as they have built an eating purch that circles the main dinning room. I don't think I have ever seen five Cookaburra's sitting in one place in my life.

The night was spent resting. The idea was to go out for dinner, but for my part once I had settled back in, I had no motivation to go out again in the cold night. Instead we settled for movies, the fire, and the spa bath before heading to bed.

Monday came around, and after packing and breakfast, we made our farewells to Olinda and decided to head back home via the scenic route. By that I mean I decided to go down roads I had no clue about, ignore the map, and in all other respects try and get ourselves lost for a while. Despite my best efforts, we happened to find ourselves at the Eastlands Shopping Centre. Go figure. Of course, the chance to look around at a never before seem shopping place was too good to ignore, so we stopped there for a while to browse and have lunch.

And that's basically where the weekend ended. But not before stopping at a few choice clothing stores where I bought some new outfits.

This weekend was very low key. Friday we headed out to Cab Noc, but didn't stay long. The place seemed good with many people arriving, but the energy drain of the last week got to us and we headed home early. Saturday was spent going around Northlands, trying to find suitabley tragic clothing for ducayne's party next weekend. Mostly successful, but I still need pick up one or two other items. It takes skill and patience to dress badly if you can't do it naturally.

Apart from that it has been spent doing the usual household chores and my tax... I hate tax. Not the idea of it, but having work out mine. Of course I only have myself to blame... if I kept better books, I wouldn't find it so annoying.

Healthwise things seem to be ok. Mum is doing fine, dad was in hospital this weekend, but this was planned so nothing to worry about as such. Parents grow old, and these things one just has to deal with. Kinda become the norm.

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