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1: For every action, there is a reaction

It's all fun and games 'till the ref blows the whistle for a penalty. Fucker.

It was great to see Australia, ranked lowly at number 42 in the world, make it to the round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup... if you havn't heard about the World Cup by now, you need to broaden your horizons. We made our mark, let everyone know that we can play, and made our own history... or in the case of the last game, history was thrust upon us in an undeserving way. We were there, and I have little doubt that we will be making regular appearances from now on. And if Australia manages to get the hosting rights to the 2018 World Cup, I'll ... well, I'll be very, very, VERY happy. Football (soccer) is just as much about history than the game, and this time we have some real history we can be proud of, and other history we can talk about for years to come. The game itself, on average, is not so much about the goals scored but the quality of the performance. A good team is one that can play well... a great team is one that can play well AND score on a regular basis. We played well, but we were not great. For many, the idea of a game where few goals are scored can be off-putting... it makes me wonder about their philosophy... what is more important, what you achieved or the way you played the game?

Licking the fringe

There is much to be said about costumed, or themed, parties. While some may consider it a hassle, I on the other hand enjoy the prospect of putting on a new shell and, visually at least, being a different person. Being the superficial primate that we are, a change of appearance can often be interpreted as a change of personality to those who don't know you well. For one night, in the eyes of others, you are a new person. At least, if you can act the part of the costume anyway. And that's the fun part... not only the imagination to think of a new look, but to then also role-play it. Sure, you don't do it during the entire night, but for those times you do, it can be a source of much amusement. Particularly if you dress up as someone who, stereotypically, has their mother buy all the clothing for you. Not bogan, not mainstream, not... anything. Just sad.

The week begins with a T

Tax is a funny thing... it's never quite as bad as one can make it out to be. Random figures floating in my head doesn't even come close to what I will be paying. Being a sole-trader, I don't have that whole "tax gets deducted from my pay packet" thing... I have to keep track of it myself. Admittedly, I havn't been doing a very good job of it. I put x amount away each week... or more to the point I don't spend x amount each week... and deal with it at financial end of year. Next year will be different. I have plans, I have options, I have Excel.

The middle of the week begins with an M

I do enjoy the MGF Midweek Meetups. A casual environment, music at a level people can converse at, alcohol being consumed but never at a great amount, with people that become familiar everytime you go and new people yet to be met. Tiredness is a curse though, as it limits one's participation. Still, for the time I attended, it was enjoyable. And I was proud to be tag as "the voice of moderation" from a fellow MGF member. But I can certainly appreciate the context it was said in... mayhap a moderation of moderation needs to be applied in certain circumstances. Excess can be enjoyed, and shouldn't be a thing to be avoided all the time. A lesson learned.

Social networking

Doing favours for friends can be a two edged sword. It is not the act of helping, but what the task is that causes a pause in belief that it's a good thing. Networking, ie the act of connecting two computers together via ethernet, wireless etc and/or to the internet, is a hit and miss affair. It goes smoothly, or it doesn't. When it doesn't, it's frustrating, time consuming, and a total brain drain. When doing it for a friend, it's a bit worse because there's that element of expectation and trust. One hates to disapoint, but on the flip side, it gets to a point where you just don't care anymore.

Where things are going

The year is half over, and the promises I made, the resolutions I had, are very much in play. I'm playing the game as I want now, and the rewards are in the outcomes. Addictions have been, or are in the process of being, broken. I am enjoying myself. And far, far more. I shall not reflect on any of this... for there is no reason to doubt it.
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