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Drinking and driving...

I can honestly say that I still don't know much about wine, but at least I have a far greater understanding of what I don't like.

With some of the Yarra Valley wineries visited a month or so ago, last weekend found us sampling the fine produce from the Macedon Ranges area. The weekend began with the grrl and I visiting my family for my sister-in-law's birthday and a night spent of trivia... a fund raiser for my nephew's school. Rather enjoyable night, however it did seem to drag on a bit. Didn't walk away with any prize, but for a table of only 7 (compared to all the other tables of 10-12), we managed a respectable score and just as importantly, we didn't finish last.

So heading out from my brother's place on Sunday, the whole day was spent driving to and fro, finding what wines grow in that part of the state. Quite a nice selection on offer actually, and I found at least wine wine I liked from nearly every place we stopped at. It would be nice to revisit in the spring when the weather is finer. Make a proper visit of the area and see more of the actual towns, rather than just the wineries. Although I grew up in the area and know many of the towns, most of my knowledge has come from driving through them instead of as a tourist.

This weekend we headed down to Mornington Peninsula to check out the vine yards down there. I now have a better understanding of what to expect from 'cooler' and 'warmer' climates since the wines on offer were somewhat different in variety than the west or the Yarra Valley. So many wineries on offer, but our choices were cut by many of them being only open on certain days or by booking. Still, we managed to visit about 8 before we headed home at 4.

It's expensive to get a side mirror replaced on your car, even more expensive to get dints patched.

Wednesday sees us, or more to the point me, driving up to Sydney for a weeks vacation. Long overdue on my part, it's been quite a while since I've had a holiday where I went away from home and didn't do work. One or two days here or there, but for the most part, I've been fairly restrained in my travels.

So to ensure that there'll be no surprises, the last week has been spent getting my car sorted out. Full service was done last week. Because of that I discovered I had better get new tyres. One of the rear wheels had worn down to the wire mesh in side the rubber. Being on the inside of the wheel, my usual visual checks didn't pick them up. So all four wheels were replaced today. And because I hate driving with blindspots... or at least dring long distances with blindspots, I decided to bust open the bank balance and get the side-mirror that was vandalised a while back replaced. Got a couple of dints quoted to be fixed... $1500... that's going to have to wait. My car is now, once again, a dream to drive... smooth, fuel efficient, safe, and clean... well ok, I need to give it a wash, but that's just for looks.
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