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Department of WAR

A week away is hardly noticed.

I can make promises to myself, because it's only me I let down when I break them. So when I say I'll make more of an effort to update this L/J, I'm making a promise to myself...

At any rate.

Apparently I was on tv the other night... the 2006 Comedy Festival Great Debate. The one I went to several months ago. Oh yay. I'm so glad I didn't watch it. Actually, I'm not sure if it was shown in Sydney anyway. Either way, it's embarressment via proxy.

Go me.

Go my car. Was a dream to drive to Sydney. The car performed exceedingly well the entire time away, and even survived the night of foreign drivers not changing out of 2nd gear when travelling over 40km/h. Didn't want to say anything as the driver was nervous enough as it was driving someone else's car. No point piling on other concerns, and I knew the car would survive. But other than that I had no problems, good fuel, good traveling.

Good speed.

Good journey. Took us a while to get up there because a: it was only me driving so a stop every two hours was in order, and b: we weren't in that much of a rush, so stopping for an hour each time wasn't so much of a drama. Got to Goulburn around 6:30 where we planned to meet the grrl's parents for dinner. After dinner it was another two hours to their place, so we arrived at our destination about 11ish, and went pretty much straight to bed.


On holiday. Well, more like a week spent meeting and greeting. Rather enjoyable to be sure, but a holiday spent doing nothing it wasn't. Parties to attend, people to meet, discovering the outer 'burbs of Sydney, debating the physics of wormholes. The time away was rather full. Enjoyed meeting the 'in-laws'. People who I can see myself getting along with swimmingly. I've been told the feedback about me was all good, so yay for me. I am such a likeable person.

Modesty gets you only so far.

Then there is the rest. The only real 'holidayee' thing we did was go for a bike ride. Seeing Homebush and the Olympic park area for the first time, then riding 15km to somewhere I would get lost trying to drive to, stopping for a drink and toast, then the 15km back to the car. Three or so hours later, I have a sore arse, cramping legs, but a strange desire to go do it again. Plans are now afoot to get my bike in working order, or just buy a new one. Very tempted to do the latter.

I like shiney new things.

Then there's the memories. If nothing else, it was time away from work, but with much joy it can be said it was far more than that. More like a week long drinking session. The wine bought for the birthday boy, and the reason for our many winery outtings over the last month, went down a treat. Not all of it of course. Only about 3 were consumed while we were there. And the birthday party was already catored for. It was just a matter of rocking up, getting drunking, go to bed. Just have to worry about the morning.

Sobering up.

Coming down. Didn't take us so long coming back. 10 hours all up, and that was with adequate stops on the way. Got home about 9:00ish last night after dropping the grrl home. Unpacked what I had to unpack, cleaned my room a bit, then went to bed. Back at work. No rest for the wicked, as they say, but I've been a good boy, so that saying is just full of crap. At least I hope that everyone here at work has a deeper appreaciation for what I have to do and know. Apparently the week for them was just as full.

Surprise, surprise.
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