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It was all white, but it melted away...

Oi, so after my trip from Syndey, I havn't had much time to catch my breath much. Life is moving fairly quickly, and to quote Ferris Bueller, I had better stop and look around once in a while or I'm going to miss it. But I guess the universe has other plans right now, as the coming weeks are looking just as packed.

So as expected, after getting back from Sydney, it took a while to sort out my 2,500+ emails (mostly spam) and go over all that I had missed and what was waiting for me. Returning back on the Thursday at least provided a short two day week before I got to rest up again. The weekend was spent washing and doing pretty much fuck all. I have a vague notion that I did something, but I can't remember what it was. Oh well.

Work started to up the load the following week. Client's. I swear, if it wasn't for the fact we wanted their money, I could do without them. At least the phone calls. The constant phone calls. Has no one heard of emails?!?! "Hi, I have a problem with X. Can you look into it please. Regards, Mr I Want Things Done Yesterday". Easy. But no, phone calls where I have to pretend I am happy they are leeching my life away, partake in mindless chitchat, and explain to them they have to do the equivelent of turning on their computer. This is the reason I would never go into a call centre. Eventually I would just not answer the phone. Give me garbage handling over that any day.

The following weekend found the grrl and I at the Cab Noc 3 year birthday party. Much fun, dancing, drinking, etc was had. Caught up with a few people, joked, conversed, etc, and nodded to other's I know only barely in acknowledgement of their continuing existence. There's a photo floating around the net prooving that we were there. Find it if you dare. Nice photo's BTW Ceph.

The rest of the weekend was rather low key. Caught up with one of the grrl's friends for her birthday on the Sunday, then stayed around at K's place for moral support (read: cook dinner) while she studied and worked on an assignment. And that's about it.

The following week was short, but hectic. Had to cram five days of work into four, visit the folks up Bacchus Marsh way, then prepare for another short trip away. Seems a bit much taking another holiday so soon after the Sydney trip, but unfortunately it's the way it panned out. Yeah, I'm soooo sorry about it. Particularly since the second holiday was a trip to Mt Hotham. Mmmmm, skiing. Snow. Drinking! Skiiing is what you do in between drinks.

So Friday morning we (as in me, my brother and his wife, my sister and her friend) got up way earlier than any sane bird would be and got up on to the mountain by around 2pm. Couple of stops on the way as we weren't in a rush, and we had to stop off at a supermarket to stock up on food and pre-drinks drinks. Checking the snow reports during the week, things were looking rather bleak for snow, but as we worked our way up the mountain, a rather convenient snow storm came over the mountain. I swear I did not use my weather machine to make it happen.

The plan was to get up there, get our boots and skis and lift tickets, hoping to do a bit of skiing that afternoon. What can I say? The long drive and shear laziness got the better of us, and after hiring our gear, we headed to the bar instead. What better way to spend a snowwy afternoon?

Got up, way too early for my liking, the following day, had breaky, and made our way out onto the snow fields. It's surprising that skiing is kinda like riding a bike. Once you learn how, you never forget. Despite the fact I havn't been to the snow for the last 2 or 3 years, it took only one run down the slope to get my ski legs back. We all chipped in for a ski coach that spent the day with us. Beginners began first, then we broke the day of lessons into various skill levels. At least, we did as soon as the two kids (my nephews) had their lesson. I can't see them being avid skiers anytime soon. I don't care that they are 3 and 4 years old. They are SUCH big sooks.

The day, one would have to say, was great. With the exception maybe that it was TOO sunny. Blue skies, warm day (3 degrees C... scorcher). All sounds great, but by the afternoon, the snow has the consistency of porridge. Pure slush. But still, I managed to ski until around 5 (after starting at 9), however with the lessons (where I was learning new techiniques), the slush, and the fact I was getting sunburnt, by the end of the day I was pretty much stuffed. Legs were SO sore; heavy, didn't want to bend at the knees. Spent the night on the couch reading.

The Sunday was fairly lazy. Spent the morning indoors, mainly because by then the wind had picked up into a small gale and the snow hadn't recovered from the previous days sun, as well as my legs still being a tad stiff. After lunch, we decided to get the last afternoon of skiing in, however the conditions proved to be a bit more troublesome than first thought. The slopes were a mix of slush and ice, dotted here and there by patches of ground. High on the summit it was blistering cold. In other areas, snow was quickly disapearing. Areas of the mountain that were normally skiable areas of snow a few years ago were slopes of bushes and grass. Snow levels were not at all good. I shudder at the lack of water that will be flowing into the rivers this year.

As a result, we started drinking earlier than expected, after returning our ski hire. The rest of the night was the typical drunken mayhem of drunk speak, stumbling between pubs, and food. In the end a good way to finish the trip. Coming down the mountain was no problem the next day, cept for the few stops for those suffering car sickness... please note, mountain roads are very windy. Best not to have bacon and eggs for breakfast before hand.

A great weekend away. I have photos somewhere on the camera that I will post at a later date.

Midweek MGF meet-up was on again this Wednesday. Both enjoyable and a little somber with the news a friend had been involved in an accident and was in hospital. Stayed longer than I had planned, but with the expected work load coming, I figured it was a chance to just sit back, relax, and look around. May be a while before I can do so again.
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