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Two and a half week "What I've Done List"

1: Played Mini-golf

As you do. Can't remember the last time I've putted around the lil' putting greens, but well worth going. It has it's own enjoyment factor, which, no doubt, could be enhanced with alcohol.

2: Friends Birthday Party

Bittersweet night, for it's own reasons, of which it is not my place to say, but while the evening was indeed enjoyable, and I met many new people who I hope to see again, the circumstances of the night cast a somewhat 'downcast' shadow over the party.

3: Father's Day

Not that we care about "Father's Day" as such, but it does provide a ready made excuse to get together as a family and talk, eat, be merry. However with the above birthday party the night before, and with us not getting to bed until around 3am, tiredness left me less than jovial, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep on a couch.

The Chris Cringle list was also set up for this years Yuletide festivities. The theme for this year is "Hand made", as in all gifts are to be hand made. None of this consumerism crap for us. Gifts with meaning and all that.

4: Went swimming

So the grrl and I are on the path to a healthier lifestyle, or at least a more active one. Exercise is the name of the game, and swimming is a good part of it.

5: Went to the Ballet

My first forray into the fine dance. The New Zealand Ballet Troupe were doing their thing, with a range of performances. The first set was a more traditional, tutu performance, with a range of group and solo dancers. Set was very sparce, and for me at least none of the dances told a story as say "Swan Lake", but enjoyable. The second set was a fairly modern dance piece. I would describe it as agressive, with the dancers limited to a square area, drums and percussion music (African beats, Japanese music etc), but interacting in a seemingly random but social way. Not sure if it actually was trying to 'say' anything, but it was very interesting, the skill quite good. Probably my favourite part of the evening. The last set was a 'remake' of a 1930's performance, revolving around the story of a wedding and the interactions of the bride, groom, parents, and friends.

As entertainment value goes, it's well worth it. Certainly hope to check out more of it in the future.

6: Bought more DVD's.

With the ballet and dinner out of the way for the night, we decided to hire some movies to finish off the night. Little did I know that the local video store was doing a sale on new and ex-rental dvd's. Never one to pass up a deal, I came away with some choice selections to bolster my already extensive collection. Will have to be the last DVD purchases for a while as it seems I have run out of space to store them all. At least without taking over the remainging shelf filled with books. As cool as it is having a near wall filled with DVDs, books are just as important.

Settled on hiring "Ultraviolet" and "Walk the line" for viewing. Managed the former that night, with the former watched the next day. As for Ultraviolet, what can I say... it must be one the worst movies I have seen a good while, and I enjoy most movies. But even with the additional charm of Milla Jovovich, nothing could save a poorly laid out script, bad acting, and action/cgi orientated 'drama'.

"Walk the line" is the movie on the early life of Johnny Cash, and I must say, if there's one movie to watch this year, this is it. Great story, with Joaquin Phoenix playing the role of Cash. Watching left me with a greater appreciation of his music, if nothing else. Go see it if your into biographic dramas.

7: Walked a lot

Again, a part of exercise regime, the weekend was taken up with walking and a bit of jump rope. Jumping rope is still one of the best exercise to get the heart rate going, providing developments in cardio, muscle, hand/eye co-ordination, and balance training. But the the goal of the day was to get a good walk in, and we managed over an hour before time was getting short.

8: Went to another friend's birthday party

Consisting of dinner at a restaurant and afterwards back to the birthday girl's house for dessert. Chance to meet more people from the MGF, and despite the restaurant being tardy with the meals (due to a kitchen hand not showing up, leaving the chef to cook everything him/her self), a rather nice evening.

9: Worked a lot

Much is going in the working world, and it's all hands on deck as we try and finish everything up. This still leaves as with far more things to do than hours available, but it won't be from lack of trying.

Big things are a-foot. International travel could be involved, money, more employees, and world domination. Would it be too much to ask for a mini-me? At least a white cat...

10: Came up with the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER.

No, I wont tell you just yet, but when done, I'll be providing a detailed post of what I am building, how I built it, and pics of the project. This is so cool, everyone is going to want one.

11: Signed up for free gym trial. Swam some more.

The universe is a subtle beast. In an evening talking to my brother about the recent exercise goals, he made mention of him and L being recent signed-up members of our local gym. It sounded nice, and local, and I was interested in checking it out.

So I was watching TV (just to show how uber-motivated I was to get fit), and there happened to be a knock on the door. Who should it be but a guy offering a 21 day, no obligation, trial memberships to the very same gym for $10. Acknowledging the slap up-side the head fate just gave me, I chose to get two.

Upon going, the gym itself is nice. Modern, clean, with pool and a whole bunch of classes and equipment that are available to members. However, cost of membership may not be worth the times I would actually go. With other nights spent doing things with the grrl, it may mean going to the gym is limited to once a week. On the flip side, spending that amount of money may just motivate me to go more. But that's the catch word; 'may'.

12: After work friday drinks + failed to go to movie

Every month or so the sister organises Friday arvo drinks. I don't go often, but this time I thought it would be a nice change, and the grrl and I had hoped to go see the movie 'Barnyard', so the two things in the city should have fitted perfectly. Drinks went according to plan, however what we didn't realise was the the movie is only being shown during the day. School holidays and all that. So instead we walked around and window shopped.

13: More walking

A good 3 hours this time, browsing shops etc along Sydney Rd, stopping only for lunch and go through clothes, furniture, and k-mart.

14: Caught up on my clothes washing

So not exactly news-worthy, but still an achievement. 3 loads of clothes, some of which were there since the skiing trip. Rest of the arvo also revolved around house cleaning, getting the vacuum cleaner out, backing-up my laptop, sorting mp3s, and fixing email problems for work.

15: Went to the football (soccer) to see Melbourne kick arse over Central Coast

Last minute idea at the Friday drinks, my brother and I, being fans of the game, decided to catch our team (Melbourne) while they still have games at home. Great game, nice seats however next time we'll try for higher up in the stand. Olympic Park isn't the large, so being further up won't mean that we'll be missing any of the action. Indeed, it will mean we can see more as our seats this day were basically ground level, and the game play was lost once the ball went to the other side of the pitch.

But yes, good game, with our team dominating and winning. The Victory are legit title contenders this year, and although they didn't put all their chance away, the skill and quality is still there. Next big game we want to check out is Melbourne vs Queensland, who are also doing very well, particularly in the goal scoring department.

Once out of the game, we stopped in at the Corner Hotel in Richmond and cought up with some friends who are locals there. Not many drinks as I was driving, but still a nice way to end the day.

16: Went to Corner Hotel to go see The Dresden Dolls

Totally rocked. For a girl on keyboard and guy on drums, they know how to do live gigs. High energy, high quality music. Best band I have seen live so far. I'll be sure to get tickets when/if they tour here again.

Support band "The Red Paintings" were also good, although I only caught their last couple of songs. Was enough to make buy one of their cds. Good Aussie band, violin, chello, base, guitar, drums and vocals mix to create high energy music with depth. One to check out for the future. Good on them for being chosen to tour with Dresden Dolls in the US.

Doesn't cover everything I've done in the last two or so weeks, but them's the highlights. I realise that most of my recent posts have been updates in my life, and while it's good for me to put these things done so I can look back at them and smile, I've always enjoyed doing those long, deep and meaningful posts that I started out with. It's been a while since I've done a philosphical post, and it's not that I havn't thought of anything or I don't want to. It's just that time isn't allowing me the chance to think it through enough to write down. Lately it's been a matter of one thing following the next, with breaks in between for sleep and eating. Hectic, enjoyable, and I wouldn't swap it, but life a more than just play-by-play description of events. It's the lessons we learn, the experiences gained, that are just as important.
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