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So I havn't updated this in a while. Almost 10 weeks. Think that's a bit too much to try to detail all my happenings in that time. A brief over view then:

Six months anniversary reached with the girl.
Went to Wagga Wagga.
Went to my sister's wedding.
Saw the play based on Orson Well's book 1984 at the State Theatre.
Saw David Strassman - The Get Chucked Tour.
Went to see Melbourne Victory play a few times.
Moved in with the girl for a few weeks while Lisa's (flatmate) mother is staying at home.
Confirmed my Atheist beliefs.
Worked on a few projects including the Best XMas Present Evah (tm).
Bought a nice widescreen LCD TV for the living room.
Kept up the exercising, including swimming and squash.
Voted in the state election.
Filled my time in between all that with work, shopping, reading, and DVD's.

Life's going fairly peachy for me to be honest. Not a lot I can, or indeed should, complain about. The end of the year is almost upon us and I can say that I have reached and exceeded my New Year's resolutions. Go me. No idea what I'm going to be trying for next year... maybe try for that world peace thing.

Actually, what I hope to be doing is working out my finances proper like. Better manage them so I have enough for savings, living, and charity. But still, Resolutions are about goals, and I'll have to think of some to set in relation to those things.

I have too many books at the moment. Not because I buy them just because they are there, but I buy them with every intention of reading them, then realising I have others to get through first. There's five of books on my shelf screaming at me to read them, but I have to get through the two I currently have open first. "The Science of God" by Gerald Schroeder and "Writings on an Ethical Life" by Peter Singer. The Peter Singer book is well worth a look at. The other I have only gone through 50 pages or so, and while it has a Christian Intelligent Design slant, I'll reserve judgment until I have finished and thought about it in full. But yeah, Peter Singer makes some good points... from general morality, 'charity works', and what he is probably best known for, animal rights.

Most of my readings of late have been about morality, religion, science, general existence, and Atheism. It's heavy going, and I could spend my entire life trying to read everything about them and only getting through .0000005% of what has been written, but it's enjoyable and opens one's mind to other ideas. Even though I may not agree with some of them, it would be negligent of me to ignore them because of that. Broadening one's knowledge is a worth while cause, one I encourage all to do.
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