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Update. Seriously, I do try...

Been a while. How y'all doin? Hope yer festive season went well, and (for those who do) the new work year started off smoothly.

It's been a busy time for yours truly. My online time has been fairly minimal the last couple of months, hence no posts to this ye olde journal, so caught up I have been in the day to day happenings of family, relationships, and work.

I guess the place to start with the catch up is the period before Christmas. About 4 months ago, at a family get-together, names were drawn out for Kris Kringle present allocations, with me being given my eldest brother as my 'presentee'. A new rule was made this year however, with the gift being given having to be hand made. No store bought stuff. A nice touch, but it does stretch the imagination a bit, particularly since it has to be something that one is able to make, and in my case, the person has the means, or already has, to get most things they want.

So what the heck was I going to make my brother?

A while ago, the grrl bought me the "Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello Lego Man" box set... (see HERE for a pic) ... Lego men, painted up in the colours of the Ferrari racing team, made to look like the racing drivers of that F1 team. Naturally my brother was interested in them as well, so while in Sydney last year, we bought a box for him as well.

So when I was given his name in which to make something for, the Lego men got me thinking. My brother's favourite racing driver is neither Schumacher or Barrichello, it's David Coulthard. I cannot make little plastic Lego men, as much as I would like to, so I thought up something 2000 times better: a 1:2000 ratio Lego man, made to look like David Coulthard, made with whatever I could work with.

Not an easy task. Standing about 80cm tall, it took many hours of thinking, and three months of construction (note: not in actual man hours spent on it, but the period from date started to date completed), and one sleepless night on Christmas eve. But still, for all the work (and expense), it is, in my opinion, a very good representation and scale model of a Lego man. The arms, legs, head, and hands move, the head and legs can be taken apart, as per the average Lego man.

So that was that. It was fun to see what everyone else managed to make as well... from comic wine bottles, lamps, pop-up books, hand crafts, chocolates... Next year we plan on doing the same, but with names being given early on in the year to give us all more time to work on them. Going to be hard to do one better than the Lego man, but I should be able to think of something.

With work being so busy, I was only able to take a week off between Christmas and New Years, far too short for my liking, but we take what we can get. Much of the time was spent in Wagga Wagga, visiting with the grrl's grandparents, and other family members. Relaxing, but still a five hour drive. Gave me enough time to read in between the visiting, which is good since I haven't had much chance to just sit for a few days reading. Still, an enjoyable trip.

Besides that, movies have been seen, shopping has been partaken in (particularly clothing, although a number of CDs and books have come into my possession), work is work (although we just recently moved office... far nicer offices, but a bit further to drive), friends have been visiting and visited, and exercise has been re-started after the holiday 'break'. Walks to begin with, but squash is on the cards again, and I plan on a few other things as well... as soon as I work out what I want to do at any rate.

Have a number of resolutions to focus on this year... the ever present "have more fun", but also health and friends. Hoping to catch up with more friends this year, people new and those I havn't seen in a while. Thinking also of doing an Open University course... maybe something along the lines of political science or philosophy... haven't looked much into it, so not sure what is on offer, or if I'm too late, but it's in the plans (assuming time is available... not looking promising since I can't even find the time to update an online journal).

An idle mind is a wasted mind. With life being as short as it is, I feel it's important to keep constantly mentally active.

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