The future, the game, and the influence...

I have a dream...

It has been said that there is no such thing as a new idea, that the great 'leaps' in technology, economics, and so on are not brought about by a single person who does something new, but are the result of a person/group drawing upon the ideas of many, seeing the larger picture, collecting, collating in order to make progress. It is the ability to not only look at all the things within the square, but then fill in the gaps by looking out side it.

It is the idea that all things are evolving, not just existing. We can do more things these days because we know more things. Civilisation has evolved as our knowledge has evolved. WE have evolved as our civilisation has evolved.

All well and good, but what's the point? Well, just as these ideas are good for progress, in developing and makes those necessary leaps in development, they can also be used to look beyond the now. Foresight, one based on predictable factors, the tracking of trends, laboratories, social events and impacts... it's the stuff of think tanks, those that deal in the policies and social implications for the future. It's the way of the futurist.

Evolution Theory + Development Tracking. With it, you can not only predict the future, but control it. You only need to have influence.

What am I without a sense of purpose?

A dream without a plan is a dream without a purpose, without a future, without a reality. And what purpose is there in only looking at the future? Like the crowds at a sporting stadium, a spectator only has so much say over the game. Being there is often important, yes, but the game would go on regardless. So what good is to just look at the future, in hope, living for change for changes sake, regardless of the actual outcome? Not a lot, to be honest, but for some it is enough. There is also that hope that comes with change that some of it may also apply to you, in a positive way for optimism, negative outlook for pessimism.

But the future is not built on hope alone. It requires a plan, action to implement that plan, and commitment to keep that action alive. This is purpose. Civilisation as we know it would not exist if it was only made up of spectators.

The future is also not built by ignoring the past. Without the past, there is no reference by which to determine direction, there is not the ability to analyse previous experiences, previous trends, so as to be able to implement change. You must know what you have now in order to alter it, and the now is a product of what has been, just as the future is the product of what is now. And if the past is ignored, then the mistakes you have made may show up again, for nothing has been learnt from it.

Would I care if there's no tomorrow?

But is it enough? What is purpose without resolution? To strive day in, day out to see a future come into being, but never seeing an end to the struggle seems futile. The journey may be just as important as what you do when you get there, but getting there to begin with is the whole point. At least, if you set that as your goal. If your purpose is a real, physical, final result. Not everyone is cut out for travelling, they'ld much rather experience what is on offer at the end of the road.

It often happens that we do not realise the future we dreamed of. And it may not have been due to the lack of trying, or ability, or a plan. Controlling the future is about influence, and the effect of that influence on certain trends. When we're talking about ourselves, the trends are the habits of the past that need to be overcome. And, as hard as it is to see sometimes, the greatest influence over our habits is ourselves. In the end, the future may not have happened due to a breakdown in the game plan or the abilities of the players, but the influence of the coach during the game.

And we laughed 'till we hurt

Ever get that feeling that you were meant to be somewhere? That happened to me at around 4:00pm. I was happily bumming around the house, spending a lazy day in avoiding the rain and cold. Suddenly, it hit me. I had to be somewhere by 4:30. I don't think I have gotten dressed and ready as quick as I did then. Thank google that I have someone living with me that can drive otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Boy was I glad. The 17th Annual Comedy Festival Great Debate was not to be missed. So very, very, very... very funny. My jaw is still recovering form the amount of work it had to put in. Think it's funny on t.v., it's even better live. There's so much you don't get to see on the box.

The topic: "That coming first is all that matters"

Moderated by: Corinne Grant

For the affirmative:
Paul McDermott
Jean Kittson
Jason Byrne

For the negative:
Stephen K Amos
Meshel Laurie
Rove McManus

Have to say, the team for the affirmative was by far the funnier, but they were all good. Paul McDermott's antics can be over the top, but when he's on song, he's darn funny. Rove was pretty good as well... despite a technical hitch where he couldn't get a video to play. It wasn't part of the show either, but everyone kept the audience well entertained while they got it going. But the cake would have to go to Jason Byrne, an Irish comedian here for the festival. His antics with a couple of members from the audience was hilarious. Altimately it comes down to who was the more funnier than who made the best points, naturally, but if you're wondering, the negative side won. If you get the chance to catch it on T.V. in a couple of weeks, watch it and be full of mirth.

You may even get to see me. (un?)Fortunately I was sitting in the very first row, beside the isle that the camera crew runs up and down getting snap shots of the audience. My position would have made it hard for them NOT to capture me. Some clever editing is going to be needed to cut me out of all the shots. I found it very hard not be self-conscious and act 'natural' when you have a camera stuck in face for 15 seconds. A couple times I couldn't help but look down that black barrel of a lens.

But it was good when 'unexpected' outtings happen.

Not much else has been happening lately, hence the lack of any real update. Despite it being a long weekend last weekend, I spent all of it working, with the only 'break' to be had was on the Saturday when I helped my brother dig trenches and spread dirt out. Finally got my parents computer online while I was there, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about. I had plans to go out to Golgotha on the Thursday, but made the mistake of meeting up with friends before hand for a 'few drinks'. Went in too hard, too fast, and by midnight I was in bed asleep. Could also have been because of the late hours I spent during that week as well... several days not getting to bed by 4am, waking up at 8 or 9. It gets to you.

Wednesday was the MGF Mid-week meetup. Always enjoyable, and managed to catch up with ingenue, darviz, _zak_, amongst others who are becoming familiar faces. Stayed fairly late since I had set in place the plan to work from home the next day, so I could wake up and not have to worry about getting dressed and dealing with others. Have been working many days from home the past week. It gives me a chance to catch up on projects that get put aside because I'm constantly being called by clients or co-workers asking me questions. Working from home just gives me ... space to get things done. Few distractions.

Tomorrow night will see me at "Undead" @ Insignia (formaly Megabar). Havn't been out to a club type environment for a month or so, and with my working habits of late, I'm taking the night and Anzac day holiday off.

At least, that's the plans for this mice.
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Date meme - yanked from folterte

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and two deaths in your journal, including the year.

April 6th

- 648 BC - Earliest solar eclipse recorded by the Ancient Greeks.
- 1896 - In Athens, the opening of the first modern Olympic Games 1,500 years after being banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I.
- 1938 - Teflon is discovered.

- 1483 - Raphael, Italian painter and architect
- 1820 - Nadar, French photographer

- 1199 - King Richard I of England (killed in battle)
- 1520 - Raphael, Italian painter and architect

so what.... so what... so what you boring little fuck...

Bored. You?

Well who cares? Who cares about you?

For a weekend spent fixing a friend's computer, it wasn't so bad. For anyone looking for a backup system for their computer, Maxtor's OneTouch external hard-drive works well. Incrimental backup, and even if your C drive is wiped, it will restore everything, including programs, settings, etc. Thank google we had it or the computer in question wouldn't have been recovered, and my friend's brother (he who caused the computer to be in a bad way to begin with) would have been hurt... badly. Seriously tho, who, upon taking a delivery of a computer NOT their own but they can use, decides it's then ok that this computer can be used as a communal comp for everyone in a share household? Mmmmm, can we say 'Not happy, Jan'?

And I’ve drunk that, I’ve drunk this, I’ve spewed up on a pint of piss

Plenty of alcomahol consumed at least. And isn't that what we are all after? Forget the new car, nice house, riches, and love... deep down, you know you only want to get pissed every night.

so what? so what?

Discovered a cable hanging from my car's engine the other day. I assume it's meant to be there, but bugger me if I can find where the end of it plugs into. Sure, I'm not big into the modern cars, what with all their high tech computer wizardry, but I'm not a total novice when it comes to engines. I have, after all, replaced two Welsh plugs in my time, pulled out and cleaned a 'carby', and 'tinkered'. Engines aren't that complicated. Basic chemistry, physics, and engineering. But this one cable.. defies logic, and probably many other laws of the universe. I'm just hoping that there isn't meant to be another cable attached to the end that plugs into some another part and I have lost that 'in the middle' cable. Car still goes though, so it can't be important. At least, that's what I tell myself to go to sleep.

Daylight savings is officially over here in Oz. Got an extra hours sleep. Guess it just means I'll have to go jogging in the dark now. I no complain. I could be waking up in the dark. Pfft to that.

And I’ve been here, I’ve been there, I’ve been every fucking where

The week ahead... hmmm, nothing major on the radar. Car rego to pay off before Thursday, which considering I have payed my car off entirely means I can afford comfortably this month... which reminds me to book the car in for a service next week. Speaking of Thursday, we have plans to go Golfing at work as reward for working like ants before a storm these past weeks. I shall win. Just because. I refute any unsubstantiated claims that I am in anyway competitive when it comes to sports and similar activities...

Some good times on the social calendar in the next few weeks.. this month I have "The Great Debate" to go to, next month I have the "Australia vs Greece soccer international friendly" played at the MCG, and also the "Ghost Tour of Old Melbourne Gaol"...mmmm spooky... plus some other birthdays etc... and probably a dentist appointment.

It's all fun and games until someone involves a dentist...

This may or may not be an update.

I'm undecided on whether the weekend was actually good or not. Friday worked, got home and worked, no sleep. Saturday worked, at night had friend around, stayed up till 2am. Sunday, worked from 12, stayed up all night, worked through Monday, got to bed at 2:30. I'll let someone else do the maths of how much sleep I've had since Thursday night. Sounds like a pretty shitty weekend, and I'm not feeling the best right now, but I'm actually ok with it all. Why? Cos for the first time in a while, I was doing something new, unique, and creative with work. Ok, so call me a geek, nerd, whatever, but I got a kick out of programming something I have never done before and have it work. And work well indeed. Basically it's a website that has a Microsoft Access looking form interface, works like Access forms, and for the most part does what Access forms do; allows you to add/edit/remove records from a database. All built in AJAX (basically advanced javascript) and PHP. So sure, weekend was crap, but I was creative, so it was good.

Last week was pretty good as well. Wednesday night was the MGF Mid-week drinks/forum fundraiser. All fun. Good bands too. Never heard IKON before, but from what I did I liked. Admittedly I was a little too far gone to care by that stage, but oh well. Drank a bit too much me thinks. Many sweaty moments during the night, concentrating on keeping the stomach settled. Succeeded, although it was touch and go for a bit there, but woke up feeling the worse for it all. Managed to struggle through the working day, but it was rough.

Thursday night I found myself at the MCG for a track 'n' field session of the Commonwealth Games. Was given a free ticket, and hey, even tho I wasn't into the games, if yer given free entry, why not go? Rather enjoyable night actually. Definately down to the atmosphere... cheering, the highs and lows of expectations, trying to get your athlete over the line, over the bar, throwing the furthest. Twas a good night for the Ozzie athletes... Jana Pittman won her 400m, the discus guy from the tv ads won. You don't get to these sorts of events often, and it's great to see it all at least once. Took some photos, not as many as I had hoped as I discovered too late that the memory cards were full of other people's pics... and seeing as they are of weddings and stuff, I thought it best not to delete anything. Definately need a new camera though. It's about 3 years old, 3 point something megapixel, but the zoom on it is shit and it's SO slow taking a picture. By the time a picture was taken, the athletes had all done their thing. All those old photos and home movies that we went through at my brother's 'wedding party' has made me want to take more pictures, but I feel limited by the tools I have. The camera is still OK for what it does, but I want options, I want freedom.

I have plans to work exclusively from home for about 2 weeks. At work I have a shit load of stuff to do, things half finished, others not started, but I'm in a situation where I am constantly interupted by phone calls from clients wanting things. We have a new guy there, but he's not up to speed enough to take all the calls. As a result, I spend most of my time being tech support and not enough time being tech development. So two weeks would give me enough time to focus, develop, and get things done. It's all I need. Plus it would give me a chance to do other things... get my car services, go to the doctors and dentists... all things I have been putting off because going into work doesn't allow the opportunity.

Not sure what the coming weekend will offer. Sleep hopefully. A friend has been speaking of a party at her house for a while, and she thought this weekend was going to be it, but heard nothing as of yet. So behind in my Spanish class. No study, no new words learnt, old ones harder to remember. Tomorrow have a plan to cram like crazy. It's all there, in my mind, I just need a refresher course. Hmmm, that could be said for many aspects of my life right now...

I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me...

Hey, Kids!! Guess what? I'm at work today. Ain't that swell?

So while the rest of this fine state of Victoria is recovering from a collective hang-over, I get to play computers all day. The upside is that since there's no one else working, no clients will be comin-a-callin. W00t for that, ya? And the boss is buying us lunch. Mmmm, food tastes better when it's free, yes sir indeedy. And to make up for it, we're having Friday off. So a day for myself.

Ok, a little hyper. Can't blame me. Been up all night again. I realy, realy, realy.... realy enjoy staying up all night these days. The plan was to go to Golgotha, but there was two things I did not factor in; the heat, and the work load. Combine the effect of the heat on my ability to do said work, and last night ended up a bust. Couldn't even touch my computer for most of the day, and when I did my mind was not in 'work mode v3.1'. Oh, well... next public holiday. Hope those who went had a ball...

Nice weekend otherwise. Friday was spent at the sister's for dinner. The newlyweds came back on Friday, and since the siblings weren't there to shower them with rice and other such wedding nonesense, we had a 'post wedlock' party to celebrate. Typical family affair... food, talk, alcohol etc... HOWEVER, what made this the r0xx0r is that the sister had managed to get Ma & Pa's old home movies on to DVD. Ah huh, home movies!!! And I mean realy old. Our family was one of the lucky ones to have a portable video camera back in the 70's, so Ma & Pa would be always getting the kids etc on film when on holidays. No sound, but memories come with their own commentary. Didn't get through the two DVD's (yeah, piles of old school reels all add up to two DVD's worth), but we're all going to get a copy, dat be f'sure. Even I managed to get on to film, albeit in a pram, but there was one part where it must have been my very first steps as a rug rat. Pitty that particular film was so old that it was all faded and pretty much fucked, but yeah, it was me, and yeah, I was walking. The film making pretty much ended around that time. Yeah, there are reasons... and we'll leave it at that.

As kids we would always moan and be grumpy if mum and dad started to get the projector out to show the home movies. Amazing what a few years will do to us. It's chance to look back with wiser eyes at a time long gone. It's mesmerising. The next part of the family history will be to get all of dad's photoslides on to cd. The problem is is that there's just SO many of them. Times from New Zealand, Papua New Guinnea, family, friends. A good 50 years of photography, I'ld say. Not as prolific a photographer as a pro, but yeah, there's a pile of slides that need to be converted.

It will be a chance to walk down memory lane once more, to meet old friends again, visit places we barely remember. To find ourselves, who we were, and introduce them to person we are today. To discover continuance...

Circle of life

The weekend is over. I can remember it almost as tho it was yesterday... (que flash back music and wavey image).

So yeah, I got over the heat thing on Friday. Ended up sleeping in the living room (sans fan) since my current 'bedroom' was about 5 degrees hotter... plus add another 2 degrees for the bunk being up so high. Smart move, and it meant I woke up early. Well ok, it was still 11am, but that's early for me on the weekend. Had much to do that day, from clothes washing to being devious and drunk.

Having the night before booked a table at the Prince Albert in Port Melbourne for the Surprise Bachelor Party 'o' Fun that night, the rest of the day was spent lieing around, trying not to appear suspicious. I succeeded, hear me well, but more on that in a moment. Made a few last minute calls to interested parties, discovered one drop out, one sick but still able to make it. Little I could do. It was a small group to begin with, and a couple of drop outs, while reducing numbers, weren't a serious issue. As planned, I had one of S's friends come around under the pretense of S and him going out for a casual drink at the local pub. Then, everyone meet there.

So the friend came around, and as the schemer of the scheme, I started to get a little panicky by the fact that S was dawdling outside, sitting on a beer and not making any move to go. The collective consciousness thing seemed to have kicked in, because as I was, un-noticed, in the middle of getting dressed in the bathroom, he knocks on the door telling me that they were leaving for the pub and if I felt like a drink, I could come down too. "Yeah, I'll see how I feel", I replied.

Good thing because with them leaving without me, it gave me a chance to duck down to the bank to get some cash out as I planned to pay for as much as possible that night. Parties should not be spoiled by the hassle of splitting a bill, so to avoid that I figured that I'ld just pay, and those who felt like it could buy me drinks. Already running late, I feared that everyone was going to be there before us. I needn't have worried as everyone else was running late as well. So hear we were, the three of us casually drinking away, and I'm looking out the windows, wondering where the heck everyone was, slowly freaking out. Finally one person rocked up, and although a surprise, didn't in anyway give S a clue into whoelse was happening. As he meantioned later on, he thought that was it for surprises and that we had just decided to invite the first person to rock up to the 'casual drinks' as well. MWAH! Surprise was on him, literaly.

Suffice to say the first part went down well. People arrived soon after, and S getting a good old shock each time. Running a bit late, we didn't spend too much time sitting and drinking, as I had the table booked for dinner at 7:30, so we promptly uped and left. S had resigned himself to the fact that it was going to be more than drinks, and with plastic chain and ball strapped to his ankle, willingly followed with little fuss.

Dinner, part 2, was good, much talk and laughter, stories from growing up, and catching up. The problem was that I didn't expect it to finish so early. We had part 3 planned for 10:30, and we finished by 9. It was at this point that S started to get worried about what part 3 may be. All we said was that we had to go into the city, but being a surprise we couldn't tell him. He thought, "Oh shit, they are taking me to some strip joint". Ok, so it was fun to let him worry for a bit, but we had to be careful incase he suddenly got cold feat and didn't want to go. In the mean time we decided to go back to the original pub to make up the time. Pool, drinking, talk etc.

Seeing as we never told him, naturally S was dressed fairly casually. You CAN'T make this kind of night a surprise by trying to get him to dress up. Just not going to happen. But as we were going into the city, we felt his thongs may have been inappropriate for the place we were going. This naturally got his worry meter even more in the red. But we managed to get shoes on him, and running a little late, again, we made the trip into the city.

Part 3 was the end of the night. With people living in various parts, and us having to be up earlish the next day, we decided from the start that it wasn't going to be a late night. So, the schemers of the Bachelor party and the schemettes of the Hens night thought that to top of a good night, we'ld all meet up at Level 35, Collins Place at the Attrium. On the drive into the city, S was getting even more worried since we were travelling down streets that have various strip joints, but by the time we turned away from those streets and parked, he was so confused that the final meetup was a pleasant surprise. For both of them.

Although we had early stuff to do, we still didn't leave there until 2am. Talk, talk, drink drink. And when we got home, we chilled out the back for an hour enjoying the end of a very lovely night. Sure, it may not be traditional to have the bride and groom meet each other at their parties, but this isn't a traditional wedding, so we felt fully justified in doing so.

And that was the party. Not the typical, but I know my brother, and I know what he would have enjoyed. Strippers or such tom-foolery are just not him, and to be honest, not us either. I knew that to make it a night that he would have remembered and enjoyed the most, it would have had to involve a casual environment, with the chance to drink and talk to friends. Nothing is worse than to throw a surprise party then doing things that the victim is just not going to enjoy.


Ended up sleeping on the couch again, and by 10:45am Sunday, I was not feeling the best. I didn't feel all that drunk the night before, but looking back I do realise there wasn't a moment I didn't have a vodka and coke in my hand. My Sunday malaise was to be expected. Unfortunately, I was going out again. In the mood for it? Not a bit. And to top it off, I had enough time to wake up, go to the toilet, and freshen up before the parents knocked on the door. Just what you want when dealing with a hang-over, but seeing as they were going with us, couldn't be avoided. So after a quick bite to eat, we all headed into the city to go to our entertainment for the day.

I have to say, the production of the stage show of "The Lion King" IS VERY GOOD. One may hear talk of the costumes, but to see them live and in action was fantastic. A quality cast, all with great voices, great sets, and a known story line (what, you havn't seen the movie?) makes this show highly recommended. Funny, sad, and for the first time goer, a curiosity to see how they take the scenes from the movie and try to make them live. And you have to say, they did brilliantly. Bunch of clever cookies. Great use of lighting and puppetry also sets this show apart from the rest.

The only thing I would suggest is that you don't sit as far back as we did, as in top level, last row. Don't take me wrong, we could still see everything fine, say true, but the details of the sets and costumes would have been far more noticable if we were a little closer. Nor would you want to be up close. There is too much happening on the stage to have it right in your face... you're bound to miss something.

Other than that, if you get the chance, go see it. While it didn't move me as much as Les Miserables, it's still a great story, with good music (they realy turn on the African beats with this production) to boot. Two thumbs up for this one.

All in all, a great weekend spent with friends and family. This week shall be my week alone. I'm going to enjoy that just as much.

Collective consciousness

I knew what I was talking about.

It's coincidence, on a grander scale.

The other day I talked about going with the 'flow', how I am waiting for the tide to take me. An article I just read, written a few days previously, had this quote:

"One route to more happiness is called "flow," an engrossing state that comes during creative or playful activity, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has found. Athletes, musicians, writers, gamers, and religious adherents know the feeling. It comes less from what you're doing than from how you do it."

On the MGF, there is a thread about going back in time; where would you go. Here, right now on my LJ portal, there is a random entry with the final lines reading:

"Thought of MY Day:
How nice if we can go back in time, and re do all the wrongs that we have done to others."

Earlier I wrote about community. I refreshed the random LJ display and got this entry:

"boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in.
life is messy, that's how we're made.
so, you can waste your life drawing lines,
or, you can live your life crossing them."

How apt.

Random again, someone replied to their poem, who had also found the poem writer by random. The first entry I read of their entry:


bird just invited me to go to a certain 5 day camp.
a surfing camp."

Riding the waves of the flow.

Next random entry she talks of going to the beach and having fun.

Random: "Is a fun day." is all it said.

Ok, so I'm probably seeing something that isn't there. But I still wonder how coincidental coincidence realy is... particularly when one thought is echoed by others soon after...

Hey, hey, I saved the world today...

A test of concentration.

It's hot. It's sticky hot. It's hot here at night... lonely, black and quiet... I'm about as comfortable as a fat girl with cookie crumbs down her clevage while wearing a bra two sizes too small... the best I can do right now is sit in front of a piss arse fan, fooling myself into believing that it's cooling me down. I do not function well in the uberheat. Having to come home early didn't do me any favours either. At least at work we have air-con. I would have been bored, I would have been bothered by those pesky, 'I want everything yesterday, so I expect you to drop everything, kiss my arse, and smile while you do it' clients, but at least I would have been cool. But S&L needed my car to go see the priest/celebrant that's doing their wedding, so there was little I could do about it. They will be gone most of next week. Besides the fact that I will probably be without a car since they need it to get to where they're going, I'm looking forward to the me time. Or more to the point, some introspection time. It's been relatively calm for the last few weeks, but social activities are due to pick up soon. I can't say I'm that fluent in social interaction, so I still have this need to 'prepare' myself, plus other matter need taken care of. One's I would rather do without an audience. Some spend hours preparing what they will wear, what their hair will look like. Preparing the physical. I prepare the mental. Is it a lie? Am I presenting myself differently to how I am at home? The same could be said for clothing. Most don't wear the same as what they do at home as when they go out. So I try and build myself up to be socially comfortable. And if it's a lie, so be it. Lie enough times and it can become a truth. It's how I wish to be, not what I'm trying to pretend to be. It's never too late to change. Old dogs can learn new tricks. It's slightly cooler now, I say thank you, but our house traps the heat in, so it will still be uncomfortable tonight, and even worse going to sleep. My bunk is about a meter from the cealing, where all the hot air goes. Mayhap I will just sleep on the couch tonight. Not like I havn't done that recently. I won't have the 'luxury' of the fan, as that will no doubt be sequestered to cool other bodies during the night.

The idea of community has been playing on my mind for a while now, and in coincidental fashion it has been raised in other places I frequent. Like the idea of friends, or love, the idea of community can be hard to pin down, as it's no doubt different for each of us. Whatever 'it' may be, it makes me think that some of the failings of today's society can be linked to a lack of 'it'. With it comes the sense of belonging, security, identity, tolerance, understanding. Without it we can feel alone, unwanted, fearful, hateful, resentful. Not necessarily because a community activel shuns us, but because we don't have that sense that we are a part of it, a part of something more than us. Do you know your neighbours? Do you participate in your area's events? I have always thought that the best thing about living in the city is that you could potentially live all your life and never know the person living two doors down. Harder to do in the country, despite the difference in distances. It is a different mind-set, when forged because of those very differences, because of the distances, because of the harsh conditions, the loneliness. It is a community not necessarily of friends, but of shared experiences, shared conditions, knowing that your life, their life, may depend on it. You don't seem to get that in the city. You may get that idea of community because you all live in the same place, but not that community built on shared experiences, of knowing that what your neighbour is facing may effect you too. And each city has it's own sense of community. Does it mean that if we all held hands that the world would be a better place? Of course not, having a community doesn't automatically mean you get along with each other. But it does mean you are at least aware of your neighbours, are familiar to you and you to them. No one would feel like they are surrounded by strangers. Fear of the unknown would be experienced less. If there was discord, at least it would be based on true interpersonal difficulties, not just because you "didn't like the look of them". And if it means that more people DO come together, get to share, then maybe understanding would increase. Intolerance would be harder to justify. Just broadening the idea of community could have benefits. Instead of just saying a community is something in which a group of people share experiences and know each other, what if we widen it to also include the notion that a community is also something in which the members rely on each other as well. Co-dependancy. Think of the idea of country vs city. More people may live in the cities, but what good would it be without those in the country? City dwellers rely on those in the country to provide the basic necessities of life... food, water. Sure we could import foodstuffs from elsewhere, but in the end you would only be importing it from another country area... not to mention the cost of living would rise. I recall a moment when I lived in the country. We had guests from the city, a family with children. The children were young, and were no doubt unaware of the differences in lifestyle, but we had to laugh when the children answered the question "Do you know where eggs come from?" with "The store". Another visitor asked in all seriousness "Which tit does the cream come out of the cow?". Funny. But also highlights that many in the city take for granted what the country provides, how important they are to them, how they rely on the work of farmers, etc. It's not a one way street, heaven's no, now are the services the farmers provide are free, but if they weren't there, neither would the city. A farmer can scale their opperations to suit the market (mostly), ensuring that we as a large city require them more than they do us. Knowing this, understanding the important link between the two, the sense of where our community starts and ends increases. It includes far more people, people we may never meet, but rely on to be there, just as you would hope that your friends, your family, your closest community, would be there in your time of need. Building a sense of community, in my mind, has so many benefits it would be reckless to ignore. And maybe, it may just save the world in the end... it is not some plan that requires much money, nor great leaders, diplomats, armies, treaties... it can be started simply by introducing yourself to the person next door.